With the change we all going through the team of MELIK put full power on the Coco women collection of H32 Sneakers. We combined our strength to create an amazing collection in combination with a positive and energetic campaign. The H32 women collection is characterized by simplicity, elegance, happiness and a feminine touch, with great attention to comfort and fashionable colors.

Twice a year H32 launches a main collection in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Before the seasons H32 drops the Pre-collection. Coming season the fashionable styles are based on typical women’s “guilty pleasures” as Ice creams and delicious coffees! We make shoes with an OMG comfortable fit and passion that breathes through every fibre of the used high quality nubuck and leather. Whether you want to take it easy or impress, with our new collection everything is possible!

The soft colors like nude, peach and beige fit perfectly with the new fashion. This new collection enforces the feeling of natural beauty. On the other hand we used powerful colors like fuchsia, orange and lemon. With our iconic onepiece sneakers and Coco models we want to bring faith and courage for the coming period that only can be better than the uncertain months who leave behind. Every item has its own `’taste” which makes the H32 collection accessible for happy people of all ages.

Let the summer begin with positive vibes and feel good sunbeams!


The talented team of H32 is buzzing with new ideas regarding the further development of the Coco model. In the fall, many new wannahaves will be released in the most delicious coffee and ice cream flavors. The calf leather lining provides optimal wearing comfort. With H32 you wear quality at your feet. Products that are manufactured in a socially responsible manner, within Europe and with passion. Don’t hesitate for a second and join H32.