Philosophy & principles 
Our motto is; “Melik Moving People” and can be interpreted in two ways; firstly, shoes literally take the one wears the shoes from A to B and secondly, wearing the brands Melik Shoes, H32 and Ponche give you a happy feeling. Melik makes shoes, matching belts and bags for men and women who want to stand out and feel good about what they wear. Self-confident and Happy People with a clear opinion and taste. 
At Melik Shoes, we only settle for the best of the best. That is why we can proudly say that we make shoes that not only look great, but also offer great wearing comfort.

Style & Design 
We market three “own” fashionable shoe brands. The passion for making beautiful products is visible in every product. Price / quality is perfectly in proportion. Melik his passionate designs are surprising every season and bear the significant Melik signature. The creative process already starts at the international leather fair in Italy, where Melik Alphan selects the most beautiful leather and suede materials himself. He finds inspiration for the stylish details at trade fairs and in the streets of the most vibrant fashion cities around the world.
We only use high-quality materials. Our specialty is hand dyeing and finishing shoes. This is a laborious and meticulous process that makes every pair of shoes unique. As a result, that each pair of shoes gets its own look.