Melik Alphan is the creative brain behind the labels H32 sneakers and Melik Shoes. He is strong in designing distinctive shoes & sneakers for shoe lovers. In recent decades the sneaker has grown from a rebel to a mature luxury product in many different styles like high fashion, retro, modest or futuristic. Whatever style you like, H32 has a choice for you. 
The H32 sneaker choice contains 2 main models: OnePiece and Loco.  

OnePiece is all it takes 
With the OnePiece model, H32 Sneakers creates a unique concept for a luxury sneaker made from just one piece of leather without seams. The H32 sneaker line has a high level of comfort due to the resilient memory foam footbedThe special feature of the OnePiece sneaker is the folding method of the leather on the front. Furthermore, the OnePiece sneaker has a clean Scandinavian look. It is worn with great pleasure by several famous football legends. 

Coco & Loco
The male variant of the Coco model is Loco. Just like women men like to indulge in guilty pleasures like delicious coffees and masterfully prepared ice creams! The Loco hybrid sneaker is the result of the creative thinking and strength of 2 sources of power within our team. Loco is a trendy sneaker with tasteful color combinations that match perfectly with nowadays fashion. Just as important as style is the OMG insole of memory foam for a high comfort.


The talented team of H32 is buzzing with new ideas regarding the further development of the Loco model. In the fall, many new wannahaves will be released in the most delicious coffee and ice cream flavors. The calf leather lining provides optimal wearing comfort. With H32 you wear quality at your feet. Products that are manufactured in a socially responsible manner, within Europe and with passion. Don’t hesitate for a second and join H32.